For a short time now there is a new badgerface ram on the farm, and this one is special.

Ram 26308-62332 has alot of titels and has been bread by fam. Beijeman.

His pointscore is 93 ontw,90 bes,89 evenr,90 type,85 beenw,91 vacht en 89 punt alg vk

A few of his titels:

- Vice-Champion old ram winter show Apeldoorn 2015

- Champion 1 year old ram summer show Apeldoorn 2014

- Champion ramlamb winter keuring Apeldoorn 2014 

- National Champion ramlamb 2013


Photo: Cynthia Beijeman.

The first lambs are born and a few look very promising.

Below is my favorite lambs for now, a beautifull Badgerface ewe lamb. 

But among the white Texels there are a couple of beautifull lambs. 

The rams used this year are:


-26254-79158 Breeder: van der schaaf/ eig:Beijeman

-26308-62332 Breeder. D. Beijeman

-26254-00620 Breeder: van der schaaf/eig: R Wervenbos

White Texels:

-05655-20825 Breeder: w rodenburg/eig R wervenbos

-1851-66330 Breeder Mts van Aken

-1851-67271 Breeder Mts van Aken

-98972        Breeder L. Versnel




At saturday the august of ninth, we took three of our sheep to the Blue Texel and badgerface examination in Wenum Wiesel.

This was my debut at the examination.


These are the following results:


Ewe 1 year not suckled  26308-62335             1b and later vice-champion.

Ewelam enkltal             26308-22655             1c

Ewe 1 year suckled       26308-62330             1c


It was a great day. I'll be back next year for the full examination. Even for the White Texels.


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Companynumber pedigree Blue Texels: 26392

Companynumber pedigree White Texels: 6534

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