For a short time now there is a new badgerface ram on the farm, and this one is special.

Ram 26308-62332 has alot of titels and has been bread by fam. Beijeman.

His pointscore is 93 ontw,90 bes,89 evenr,90 type,85 beenw,91 vacht en 89 punt alg vk

A few of his titels:

- Vice-Champion old ram winter show Apeldoorn 2015

- Champion 1 year old ram summer show Apeldoorn 2014

- Champion ramlamb winter keuring Apeldoorn 2014 

- National Champion ramlamb 2013


Photo: Cynthia Beijeman.


Texelaar Fokkerij Wervenbos

Langeweg 49

3343 LD H.I. Ambacht

+31 (0)6 46 03 77 78 


Companynumber pedigree Blue Texels: 26392

Companynumber pedigree White Texels: 6534

Ubn number: 6194680