Texelaar Fokkerij Wervenbos

Hi, My name is Ricardo Wervenbos, born in 1999 so I'm what you call a young breeder. I live in Hendrik Ido Ambacht, which is near Dordrecht in The Netherlands. Since 2013 a member at NTS and the register of the blue Texels. Our sheep have bloodlines from, mts van Aken and D and D.M. Beijeman.

My breeding goal for the white Texel is as the following:

A luxury sheep with enough growth and great amount of muscle. The sheep must be 10 cm longer than it's in height and must have a nice tensed back. The head must be wide and have attitude with enough white. The sheep must have a nice black nose. An ewe must be able to conceive at the age of one and a half and have an average fertility (we don't put ewelambs by the ram). The tail must flow over in the back and must be very fine.

My breeding goal for the Badgerface is as the following:

A sheep with great growth and a correct drawing and a extra amount of muscle near the buttocks area and most have a great head. It must have a wide back and correct marks on the rest of the body and head. It must have enough length and build with a nice straight back. The sheep must have a great fertility


Texelaar Fokkerij Wervenbos

Langeweg 49

3343 LD H.I. Ambacht


+31 (0)6 46 03 77 78 


Companynumber pedigree Blue Texels: 26392

Companynumber pedigree White Texels: 6534

Ubn number: 6194680